Kenyan-born Barack Obama, America’s first Black President – READ IT AND WEEP!!!!

Sheriff Joe is challenging the citizenship of Barack Obama; so are many American’s now deemed “Birthers.” I was watching a Youtube video on how Obama is not an American citizen when I saw that one of the posts they were showing had been DELETED. I will post the video below but the website had an article in which it was stated the following:

Little wonder then why Kenya-born Barack Obama, America’s first Black President….

Now….. If you follow the web link that was shown in the video you get a completely different page…. Imagine that. A web page that’s been altered. They show another article but then in the same video show the page had been deleted. I’ve worked in the web/IT field for the past 12 years and in that, I’ve learned of some pretty cool “tools” if you will. There’s a site that actually ARCHIVES websites. That’s right, they archive full on websites. I paid their site a visit with what I had and here’s what I found… Obama billboard

A giant billboard of U.S. President Barack Obama in Kisumu, Kenya.

But political analyst Glen Mpani feels that new President Obama is really inspiring hope in Zimbabweans: “If you come back home and see an environment that is highly oppressive…

Folks…… Here it is and I am saving this to my own computer for safe keeping. HERE IT IS……

Little wonder then why Kenyan-born Barack Obama, America’s first Black President, converted his major speech at his recent Ghana trip to a scathing upbraiding of Nigeria’s irresponsible leadership!

The information is STILL out there because the internet NEVER FORGETS. I’ll prove it to you now but I am hoping, and praying, that the information will not again be “removed. Let me explain how the link works first. the is the name of the website that you are going to. If you just went to that then their main page would come up. then you have /stories/ –> this is the name of a folder on the web server. This folder is just like the “my documents” folder on your windows computer only the /stories/ folder on the web server is accessible from the internet. Then you have 200908200781.html which is what they named the file when they saved it on the web server. Now I want you to click on this link: and look at the page as it is now……

You see this….

Dafe Onojovwo

20 August 2009


Was it right for the United States of America’s Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, to have taken Nigeria to the cleaners, as she did last week, on our nation’s own soil; was it right for an honoured guest to deliver moral tirades at the host, to his face, under the full glare of the world press, without a thought for the feeling of the host?

Did it accord with proper diplomatic niceties for the US Secretary of State, the chief diplomat of that country, a civilised nation and the world’s Super Power, to dress down Nigeria in public during an official visit?

Hmmm……. that doesn’t look like what I just quoted from a web page does it? NOW…. try THIS LINK! Now you actually get to SEE the article which states Barack Obama, the US President, was BORN IN KENYA…..

I saved the entire webpage, in HTML format, just for safe keeping. I plan to forward this on to Sheriff Joe as well as Alex Jones. Again folks, the internet DOES NOT FORGET. You may think you have deleted something but there’s always something of it that remains……. Here’s that video I promised I would post…..

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