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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport TSA Freeze Drill Was To Condition Travelers

“STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! DON’T MOVE!” is the order that was recently barked at travelers in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. “You’re supposed to freeze!” was just one of the commands being screamed by TSA agents for no reason other than to begin conditioning of air travelers.

Pavlov had a wonderful dog and he would ring a bell, give the dog a treat and the dog was happy! Pavlov did this for some time before changing his tactic. He would ring the bell, the dog would begin to salivate and then he would not provide a treat. Pavlov conditioned his dog to salivate “on command” when he rang the bell; it’s called CONDITIONING and the TSA wants you conditioned to do whatever they say, whenever they say it.

“Passengers are not required to ‘freeze’ in place like statues,” TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee admitted. If that is the case then why did their little Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo drill to begin with? You know for certain that something dirty is going on when the TSA begins lying! Oh wait, they never stop lying, that’s right.

After first admitting to the Phoenix New Times that passengers are kept in the dark over the order to “freeze” or “stop,” TSA spokeswoman Nico Melendez later corrected herself by claiming “I was mistaken earlier. In fact, our TSOs do alert passengers of the drill and thank them for their patience. The exercise usually takes no more than 2 minutes.”

However, this is simply not true.

In the case of the drill at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, travelers were not informed of the drill beforehand. In addition, the two drills experienced by NY Times writer Joe Sharkey at different airports were not preceded by a warning.

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The government wants the People to be fat, lazy, uneducated and miserable. They need to condition us for the Natzi police state they are preparing for us and drills like this are designed to do just that.


The TSA Is Coming To A Highway Near You

It’s terrible to think the people that are molesting us are not truly trained and are given a “badge” simply as a show of power.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn
March 1, 2012

One of the great honors of my service to Tennessee is having the opportunity to represent Ft. Campbell which is home to the storied 101st Airborne, the 5th Special Forces Group and the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment which piloted Navy SEAL Team Six during the raid on Osama Bin Laden. TSA screener

Each soldier who calls Ft. Campbell home has gone through some of the most intensive training on the planet which pushed their minds and bodies to their physical limits. In the end, those who make the cut have earned the right to be part of our United States military, are honored to wear its uniform, and are serving on the frontlines in the fight against global terrorism.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our nation’s Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) who Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano contends are our nation’s last line of defense in fighting domestic terrorism. Unlike “hell week” which faces potential Navy SEALs, becoming a TSO requires a basic level of classroom and on the job training. In many cases this rigorous training is less severe than the requirements of becoming a security guard in most states.

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Alex Jones – New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Here it is folks, the new Alex Jones documentary “New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen”. I watched this and I have to be honest….. It sent chills through my bones. I want so much more for my children than what I see coming for them. I don’t want them eating GMO food that’s going to cause them to become sterile, I don’t want them growing up thinking it’s normal to live in fear, I don’t want them looking up at the sky thinking it’s ok to see all the drones and chemical clouds overhead. I don’t want my children being forced in to a FEMA death camp, poked with poison needles, raped or forced in to slave labor.

I want my kids and my grand kids to be able to own a home, eat food that’s safe, be able to see a clear blue sky and breathe fresh air. I want them to know that an honest days work means an honest days pay as well. I want them to be able to get married and have kids and to simply enjoy their lives, free from terror and tyranny. Free of the false flag so called “terrorist attacks”, the cancer causing scanners and the “hand down your pants” forcible molestation of the TSA.

Alex, great job on this film and to everyone that views this i implore you to become a member of They are doing a free 15 day trial right now and when you become a member you gain access to all of Alex Jones video’s, the daily news as well as the nightly news and special reports. It’s well worth it!

Watch the video:

Alex Jones – New World Order Blueprint of Madmen – MP4 download

Document Proves DHS Is Monitoring Social Media For Government Criticism

We’ve been saying it for some time now; big brother IS watching you online and now we have proof!

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Homeland Security training manual belies claims made by DHS representatives during a Congressional hearing last week that the federal agency is only monitoring social media outlets for “A Homeland Security training manual belies claims made by DHS representatives during a Congressional hearing last week that the federal agency is only monitoring social media outlets for “situational awareness,” and proves the fact that Bis Sis is also tracking online criticism of government, including discussion of airport body scanners.,” and proves the fact that Bis Sis is also tracking online criticism of government, including discussion of airport body scanners.

“Analysts for a Department of Homeland Security program that monitors social networks like Twitter and Facebook have been instructed to produce reports on policy debates related to the department, a newly disclosed manual shows,” reports the New York Times.

The manual, entitled Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center Media Monitoring Capability Desktop Reference Binder, was obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center via a FOIA request.

The controversy over DHS spying on social media erupted last month following the release of 300 documents which detailed how DHS had hired an outside contractor, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, to monitor social media outlets along with a list of websites, on a “24/7/365 basis,” in order to uncover “any media reports that reflect adversely on the U.S. Government and the Department of Homeland Security.”

During a subsequent Congressional hearing on the matter, DHS representatives Mary Callahan and Richard Chávez denied the fact that tracking criticism of government agencies formed any part of the program, and that the effort was merely aimed at developing “situational awareness” of potential threats, mostly related to extreme weather events.

However, the 2011 manual makes it abundantly clear that the program was a backdoor effort to keep tabs on what the American people were saying about not just the DHS, but a whole host of federal agencies, including the CIA, the ATF, the TSA, FEMA, as well as organizations outside of the U.S. government such as the United Nations and the Red Cross.

The ‘items of interest’ listed in the document which require monitoring of social media include, “policy directives, debates and implementations related to DHS.”

In addition, the list of keywords the DHS is tasked with monitoring include terms that have little to do with “situational awareness.”

During last week’s hearing, Callaham claimed that such keywords were restricted to “you know, flood, tornado and things like that.” In reality, the manual also directs DHS analysts to search for terms such as “China, cops, hacking, illegal immigrants, Iran, Iraq, marijuana, organized crime, police, pork and radicals.”

The words “militia,” “riot,” “body scanner,” and “nationalist” are also included in the list of keywords the DHS is tasked with monitoring.

The fact that Homeland Security is monitoring what people say about airport body scanners, in the aftermath of a wider national basklash against the TSA as a whole, dovetails with how the TSA has subjected people who refuse to use them to undue suspicion and questioning.

“The D.H.S. continues to monitor the Internet for criticism of the government,” EPIC’s Ginger McCall said in reference to the document. “This suspicionless, overbroad monitoring quells legitimate First Amendment activity and exceeds the agency’s legal authority.”


Download the Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center Media Monitoring Capability Desktop Reference Binder

Ron Paul Announces ‘End the TSA’ Money Bomb

Steve Watson
January 24, 2012

In the wake of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s run in with the TSA this week, his father, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, has launched a new fundraising effort with the theme ‘End the TSA’.

In an email to supporters Monday, Ron Paul wrote that the Senator “simply stood up for his right not to be the latest victim of the TSA’s disgusting full body pat-down.”

“The elderly. The disabled. Little kids. All victims of an out-of-control police state that, while doing nothing to make us safer, is working overtime to strip away our freedoms, our rights, and our basic dignity,” Paul added.

“As President, I pledge to do everything in my power to strengthen our national security by ending the theatrical sham that is the TSA,” the Congressman urged.

“Give whatever you are able right away to our End the TSA Money Bomb to help us keep the spotlight on this out-of-control organization and restore respect for freedom and common decency to the White House,” Paul urged his supporters.

The full text of Ron Paul’s email follows at the foot of this article. Readers can click through here to donate to the money bomb.

Congressman Paul has been a long time critic of the TSA. In 2010 he introduced into the House the “American Traveler Dignity Act,” which would remove TSA agents’ immunity from prosecution for implementing invasive pat-down procedures. Paul re-introduced the legislation in the summer.

The Congressman has had run ins with the TSA in the past himself. In a 2010 interview, the Congressman told Alex Jones that he is subjected to pat downs “all the time because I have metal in my knees… it is disgusting and I tell them so.”

Once again, Ron Paul is actually planning on big changes for this country! People, if you’re tired of being groped, molsted and made ill by the TSA then VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!

TSA Denying Senator Rand Paul Was Detained; They KNOW They Were Wrong!

It was reported this morning that, on his way to Washington, DC, Senator Rand Paul was “detained” by TSA at the Nashville International Airport after the body scanner “glitched”. Senator Paul states he was refused the ability to go back through the scanner and was led to a cubicle and told to wait, never being given any sort of time frame as to how long that wait would be.

The TSA has directly violated the Constitution Article I, Section 6 states,

“The Senators and Representatives…shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same….”

It’s not enough that the strip search old women and young children are forced to be subjected to molestation; now they, along with the rest of Washington, get to trample all over our Constitution. So now, the TSA is saying Senator Rand was never “officially detained”; that’s a bunch of crap if I ever heard it. If they pull you away, to a private are, then you are DETAINED, period, end of story.

Senator Paul was allowed to board a second flight after a separate screening by TSA agents, however, it remains to be seen whether he will make it to the capital in time for today’s session.


Rand Paul Detained By TSA

I was reported this morning that Senator Rand Paul was detained by TSA agents at Nashville International Airport. Te incident began when Senator Rand set off the full body scanner in what’s being called a “glitch” and he was then told he would be required to submit to a pat down search; despite the fact he requested to go back through the body scanner.

TSA officials are reportedly checking in to the incident now. Rand Paul has openly criticized the TSA searches in the past at. As we can see in this instance, the TSA will do what they want, when they want and to whom ever they want. I highly doubt that a US Senator is going to be carrying weapons on to an air plane!