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National Movement Launched To Impeach Obama

Well it’s about time! The man can’t produce any real documents to even show he exists, let alone should be president!

The five core reasons why Obama should be impeached

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, April 12, 2012

A new national movement has been launched to impeach President Obama based around five core issues which clearly demonstrate how Obama has flagrantly violated the Constitution.

The campaign, backed by director, producer, actor and writer Sean Stone, is a follow-up to North Carolina Republican Walter Jones’ efforts to bring the administration to account for launching unconstitutional wars without the authorization of Congress. Jones’ recently introduced resolution states that such actions represent “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.”

The five core reasons for impeachment proceedings to be launched can be summarized as follows;

1) Despite promising otherwise, Barack Obama committed U.S. military resources to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi without any kind of congressional authorization whatsoever and without citing any evidence that Libya under Gaddafi was a threat to the security of the United States. Furthermore, Obama brazenly undermined the power of Congress by insisting his authority came from the United Nations Security Council and that Congressional approval was not necessary. “I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question,” Obama churlishly remarked.

2) On New Years Eve 2011, Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions that permit the abduction and military detention without trial of U.S. citizens. Despite Obama claiming he would not use the provisions to incarcerate U.S. citizens, it was his administration that specifically demanded these powers be included in the final NDAA bill.

3) The passage of the Obamacare bill, under which Americans will be forced to buy health insurance, is clearly anathema to the Constitution. “The individual mandate is unprecedented and exceeds Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. If it is allowed to stand, Congress will be able to impose any kind of economic mandate as part of any kind of national regulatory scheme,” writes Ilya Shapiro, a Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute.

4) Obama’s role in the economic looting of America since he took office is unprecedented. Specifically, Obama violated the Constitution’s Takings and Due Process Clauses when he bullied the secured creditors of automaker Chrysler into accepting 30 cents on the dollar while politically connected labor unions and preferential others received better deals.

5) Finally, Obama’s use of signing statements shows his desire to continue in the vein of George W. Bush and rule by executive fiat. This is a direct violation of Article II of the Constitution.

You can support this effort to get political momentum behind starting the impeachment process against Obama by forwarding this article and video to your network on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and every other platform of communication.

If the makers of Kony 2012 can receive international viral coverage for putting out a film that was little more than a veiled call for another unconstitutional invasion, this call to impeach Obama deserves equal attention.

Read further information about the reasons why Obama should be impeached here.


The Obama Mortgage Settlement is Just Another Bank Bailout in Disguise

As if it’s not bad enough that big banks are taking homes from people that already paid for them, now many states are cutting a deal to help keep the banks safe from losing everything in lawsuits filed by the people they ripped off with their “robo-signing”.

David Wallechinsky
Monday, February 13, 2012

Announced with much fanfare by the Obama administration, the national foreclosure settlement agreement could wind up being a great deal for the banks involved. They will be liable for only a miniscule percentage of the damage they’ve done and the bankers themselves will escape criminal charges.
Under the terms of the settlement, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Ally/GMAC, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America will pay $26 billion to resolve cases involving foreclosure fraud: robo-signings, forgery, adding illegal fees and other servicing transgressions that adversely impacted homeowners across the country.
stop foreclosure fraudCritics of the settlement point to where the $26 billion will be going. According to David Dayen at Firedoglake, “$5 billion will go as a hard cash penalty to the states, which can use them for legal aid services, foreclosure mitigation programs, and ongoing fraud investigations in other areas.” Another $3 billion with be used to refinance the mortgages of a minority of the 11 million borrowers who owe more than the value of their home (a.k.a. underwater loans). Some of this money will go to people who were wrongfully foreclosed upon. Up to 750,000 borrowers will be eligible for a check of $1,800-$2,000, which is, in the words of Dayen, “the equivalent of saying to them, ‘sorry we stole your home, here’s two month’s rent.’” Since the average loan is about $180,000, lucky underwater homeowner with get 1% of what they owe.
It’s important that we, the people, stand up against the deal these banks are getting. I encourage you to sign this petition and tell your Attorney General to hold the big banks accountable for mortgage fraud.

Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans

Published January 08, 2011

Who knows how reliable the source is but I’m going to do some digging on this one!

President Obama is putting plans in motion to give the Commerce Department authority to create an Internet ID for all Americans, a White House official told

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt told the website it is “the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government” to centralize efforts toward creating an “identity ecosystem” for the Internet.

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is currently being drafted by the Obama administration and will be released by the president in a few months.

“We are not talking about a national ID card. We are not talking about a government-controlled system. What we are talking about is enhancing online security and privacy, and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of more trusted digital identities,” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said at an event Friday at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, according to

Locke added that the Commerce Department will be setting up a national program office to work on this project.

The move has raised eyebrows about privacy issues.

“The government cannot create that identity infrastructure,” Jim Dempsey of the Center for Democracy and Technology told the website. “If I tried to, I wouldn’t be trusted.”

Schmidt stresses that anonymity will remain on the Internet, saying there’s no chance that “a centralized database will emerge.”

I am going to begin my research on this and will report back when I find out more.