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Walmart DVD to Digital: Is This a Scam or Something Else?

We’vre recently started seeing commercials regarding a new “service” that Walmart is launching which they are calling “DVD to Digital”. My GF and I were just sitting here discussing this and it’s pretty funny because just last night I was thinking about the implications of this so called “service”.

Walmart is charging customers to bring in the DVD’s and they will copy the movies and then make them available online.So you pay for a DVD and now Walmart wants to charge you to copy them (is this even legal??), upload them to a server and then make them available to you to watch from any PC, tablet phone or other device.

To me it sounds like Walmart is going to be making a move on the corner that Netflix has which is the ability to allow a subscriber to view movies via the internet and with many different devices.Walmart will make money over fist in this deal because they get their customers to PAY THEM to copy and upload the files and this will then allow them to collect a huge database of movies which THEY WERE PAID TO MAKE. After that, they simply buy the licenses they need and then open up shop, charging everybody to watch those same movies online.

So after doing a little research online,  looking in to DVD copyright laws, it seems to me there may be something “dirty” in all of this. Sony is just one of of the many companies that has made a huge investment in adding “protection to their DVD disks in order to prevent them from being copied. Here’s a little of what I found….


When movie studios were preparing to release movies in a digital format for distribution on disks, they learned from the mistakes of the music industry. Hollywood insisted the disks include a layer of copy protection that music CDs don’t contain. But the technology that protects DVDs was cracked within a few years of the disks going on sale. (Actually copying a DVD would require extensive technical know-how that’s well beyond most consumers.) Congress, meanwhile, passed a law that made it illegal to produce or distribute tools that enable consumers to circumvent copy protection.

So it’s illegal to copy a DVD? Interestingly, no. Judges have said that consumers have a right to copy a DVD for their own use—say, for backing it up to another disk or perhaps watching it on another device, such as an iPod. That’s the same “fair use” rule that made it legal to tape television shows for watching later, perhaps on a different TV. The problem is that consumers can’t duplicate DVDs without software tools that get around the copy protection on those disks. It is those tools that Congress outlawed.

So based on the current copyright laws, any and all software that could be used to take a DVD and make it digital is ILLEGAL and therefore using it BREAKS THE LAW. So knowing this, how in the hell is Walmart going to take all these DVD’s, which have copy protection, and make them digital WITHOUT BREAKING THE LAW???

After doing a little more looking I found that Walmart has apparently worked out some sort of “deal” with the top five movie studio’s in Hollywood (20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros) in order to be able to pull this stunt off. So now we have Walmart making backroom deals with Hollywood studio’s…. I wonder if they already have a deal in place which will allow them to charge customers to access their movie database once it’s built… They are building this by charging customers on the front end and then they will charge customers on the back end as well once they have a grip of movies in their collection.

WOW! What a deal, right?



CNN Blowing Up the Airwaves With Racial Slurs and Profanity

I’ll admit it, I used to watch CNN in the morning; back before I found out they were nothing but the lying puppet of the US government that is. These days I will occasionally turn their so called “news’ on but most if it’s just a joke. Well, until I heard about this and now things are beginning to become even more clear…..

I hear all kinds of cuss words on television today but how, please answer me how, CNN got away with saying (I will NOT say it) f’ing ni**er on national television. I read about this yesterday and I was so appalled I brought it to the attention of my oldest daughter. I played her the video and then I explained that they are trying to desensitize the public to this; she asked me what that meant.

I explained that they want to keep repeating it, making us hear it over and over again until it eventually just becomes ok. It eventually becomes acceptable to start hearing that level of profanity on television and it becomes politically correct to start using the “N” word again. Over my dead body! I won’t hear such filth on my TV, I’ll turn the damn thing off! I certainly won’t hear that coming from the mouths of my children either; I’ll beat them in to next week! So……Here’s an clip from  damning evidence and apparently this is the SECOND TIME CNN has done this kind of thing within a three week period. I warn you, the language in this is not appropriate for young children.This is courtesy of The Daily Caller.

This is an absolute outrage and honestly I feel there should be consequences for CNN. The FCC needs to be flooded with complaints and CNN should be forced to pay huge fines for their decision to use such language on public television. It you would like to file an FCC complaint please visit their website at

Information you will need:

program date: 04/08/2012 (Easter Sunday of all days!)

reporters name: Susan Candiotti

time of program: 11:30 AM

I filed my complaint and here’s a portion of what the last page says….

It’s against federal law to air obscene programming at any time. It is also against federal law to air indecent or profane programming during certain hours. The Commission is charged with enforcing the law that governs these types of broadcasts.