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List of Words Homeland Security Tracks on Facebook and Twitter

Well here you have it. This is the list of words being used by our government to single us out and label us as “terrorists”. Once they have enough on the list, I’m sure they will begin opening the FEMA camps and rounding us up like cattle.

Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky
All Gov
March 5, 2012

If not getting enough attention in your life is a problem, there’s one surefire way to get the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to notice you: Use any of its proscribed watch words on social media sites.

According to a DHS document, the agency is maintaining a lengthy list of “Items of Interest”—in other words, words. The words are categorized by subject, such as those falling under “Domestic Security,” “Southwest Border Violence,” “Health Concern + H1N1,” “Terrorism” and more. Facebook Big Brother

Besides the obvious ones like “Al Qaeda (all spellings),” “weapons cache,” “meth lab” and “jihad,” the words being monitored on Facebook and Twitter include:

·       airport
·       sick
·       gas
·       cloud
·       mud slide or mudslide
·       canceled
·       interstate
·       recovery
·       home grown
·       marijuana
·       incident
·       police
·       infection
·       symptoms
·       North Korea
·       China
·       Tucson
·       San Diego
·       pork
·       help
and, of course,
·       social media

To Learn More:
The Department of Homeland Security Is Searching Your Facebook and Twitter for These Words (by Joel Johnson, Animal New York)
Analyst’s Desktop Binder (Department of Homeland Security) (pdf)


ACTA Will End the Internet As We Know It

The main stream media is giving the public bits and pieces of what the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is about but it’s being done so in a way that simply makes no sense. It’s high time sense was made of it so you, the American people, are educated about what it is and how it will ultimately affect you and your experiences online.

ACTA is a “planned plurilateral trade agreement between 38 nations. According to the participants the aim is to reduce more efficiently the alleged rise of product piracy. Every single negotiation round was held secretly without access for the public or even members of the European Parliament (EP), but industrial lobbyists, like members of the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) had access to the agreement drafts. Such methods are not compatible with democratic standards and are leading towards corruption in the global society.”Stop ACTA

So what does this mean in plain English? Today many companies see online file sharing of their programs, music, software and whatever else as a “loss”. ACTA is basically an agreement between the participating countries to go after anyone found to be sharing materials illegally and prosecute them. It’s a “promise”, if you will, to stop illegal file sharing but there’s more to it than that.

“ACTA is an agreement which was negotiated behind the back of the public and should be decided regardless of a sustainable development of the society, civil rights and required democratic processes. Apparently this agreement has the target to introduce extreme changes of principles on a global level, without participation of the international community or even the concerned citizen of the participating nations.”

These closed door negotiations that include nothing of the US democratic process should be considered ILLEGAL. Where PIPA and SOPA failed, ACTA has a much better chance of succeeding because it completely cuts off the people and relies solely on the “government” to make the decisions.

Unfortunately when this door is opened it will also open the flood gates of internet monitoring. How else do you think the powers that be would find people sharing things on the internet? The NSA (National Security Agency) is already monitoring more material each day than what comprises the Library of Congress! They monitor social media sites as well as emails, texts and phone calls. ACTA is simply going to give the US government enogh power to make their internet monitoring total and complete.

So you may still be asking yourself, “How will this affect me?” Right now you use a search engine to find things online. We’ll use Yahoo as an example. So let’s say I wanted to find out the name of a song I saw in a commercial on TV. I go to Yahoo, type in the car manufacturers name and maybe the type of car along with “car commercial” and then click “Search”.  Right now you will most likely see a TON of search results. Some may contain the car commercial video itself, some may contain lyrics to the song, others may contain clips of the song or the full song itself.

ACTA will stop these types of search results. Back in my day we used the library and books for research but today my daughter uses the internet for damn near everything school related. She just did a report which entailed she write a “journal” as an Irish immigrant. I am part Irish so we used the internet to research our family name and family crest. We were able to get the family crest to include in her report. ACTA will stop this type of activity.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? The way in which the internet is used today will change (for the worse) forever. No more pictures, videos or music. You’ll be lucky if you can find even a written article. The age of technology and information that we live in now is about to end.

Research resource

You can take action by signing this petition today. I would like to say this though; petitions and our words will most likely not be enough.

FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7

Here we go again; now FEMA wants to know what people are saying about them and they are resorting to the same tactics being used by the Department of Homeland Security. It reminds me of this commercial I see on TV that makes me laugh “Who’s searching for you?”.

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, February 17, 2012

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has followed in the footsteps of the DHS in looking to hire a private contractor that will monitor news coverage of the agency’s activities on a 24/7 basis.

“FEMA is planning to award a 100% small business set-aside contract to a media monitoring firm that can monitor, archive and measure all local news in “major Nielsen markets,” all nationally broadcast news and all cable outlets for their news coverage of FEMA activities in the field across the U.S.,” reports Government Security News.

The program is similar in nature to a Department of Homeland Security monitoring effort that stoked controversy and a congressional hearing after it emerged that the DHS had hired an outside contractor, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, to monitor social media outlets along with a list of websites, on a “24/7/365 basis,” in order to uncover “any media reports that reflect adversely on the U.S. Government and the Department.”

This included monitoring remarks by residents of Standish, Michigan in “newspaper comment talkbacks, local blogs, Twitter posts, and publicly available Facebook posts,” to gage the response to a plan to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to a local prison.

Although the FEMA contract does not specifically mention the monitoring of blogs and comments made by Internet users, it does call for the program to “Monitor the effectiveness of public affairs messaging,” which implies that feedback from citizens regarding FEMA’s activities will be part of the process.

The FEMA contract for the monitoring service explains that the agency is looking for information on “media statistics including the audience exposure and publicity value” for news items related to FEMA.

Concerned about its reputation in the eyes of American citizens who are growing increasingly wary of big government, this is not the first time FEMA has reached out to try and massage its image following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which “evoked some of the harshest criticism the agency has ever faced.”

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Big Sis Admits U.S. Does Not Face Terror Threat from Iran or Hezbollah

The Department of Homeland Security has finally admitted it! The main stream media is trying to get American’s psychologically ready for more war with movies like “Act of Valor” and we are being force fed the idea that there is a terrorist on every street corner, in every bush and every isle of the supermarket but now….. Well, now Big Brother and Big Sis are finally realizing that maybe we aren’t the TV loving, junk food eating zombies they want us to be.

Kurt Nimmo
February 16, 2012

Despite all the hype drummed up by the establishment media about a scary Iranian or Hezbollah attack on “soft targets” in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security has admitted there is no specific threat facing the country.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Pete King fretted over a Hezbollah attack on the fatherland – specifically synagogues – but DHS boss Napolitano was obliged to admit no such threat exists. She said, however, that there is “a threat that bears watching.” Big Sis told King and his colleagues DHS and partners like the FBI “are constantly monitoring [Hezbollah’s] activities around the world.”

Following attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand attributed to Iran and Hezbollah by Israel, the United States and the corporate media, the NYPD’s intelligence boss said Iran is the number one threat to the Big Apple.

CNN and the establishment media have enthusiastically hyped Israel’s terror narrative by running reports and stories speculating an attack on Jewish targets inside the United States.

Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, threw cold water on CNN’s fear mongering when he told the network “there is no call for panic.”

Napolitano’s DHS said last week that Jewish groups in the U.S. do not face a specific threat, but this has not stopped CNN and other networks from engaging in lurid speculation with little basis in reality.

Salon journalist Jeff Greenwald hit the nail on the head when he talked with Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks on Tuesday. Greenwald said the Obama administration has more or less taken a backseat and the current round of anti-Iran hysteria is coming primarily from the establishment media.

Greenwald said the corporate media’s one dimensional coverage is skewed because it invariably sides with Israel and acts as a megaphone for its propaganda campaign to demonize Iran and drum up public consensus backing an attack.


We’ve been seeing black choppers conducting “drills” on public buildings at night and I have personally seen three very low flying military planes come right over my home. These are used to desensitize us to the presence of military on our streets but don’t be fooled.

FDA Alleged to Have Been Illegally Monitoring Private Emails

FDA Doctors and scientists are claiming that their private emails were being monitored by the FDA. Those making the claims are doctors and scientists which alleged the agency was approving medical devices that posed a danger to patients, according to federal court documents.

A lawsuit was filed in the US District Court by six former and current employees. Those six have  alleged the agency was approving medical devices that posed a danger to patients, according to federal court documents.

You ARE being watched

Ok, I’m a tech kind of person so I actually have something worth of saying here. On a WORK computer there is never any reasonable expectation to privacy. I don’t care who you work for, it’s not YOUR personal computer in your home and is therefore subject to whatever monitoring the employer deems necessary.

Yes, it sucks that the FDA kicks in the doors of holistic food producing farms and demands they be shut down and then turn around and approve cyborg like devices to be implanted in the human bod but that’s neither here nor there. It all comes down to the reasonable expectation of privacy and there was ZERO.

They may have a chance if they can find a way to prove they were being singled out with more surveillance than other employees. That will be the only chance they have of winning as far as I can see.