The US Unemployment Report Is A Lie

As one of the many unemployed in this country I can tell you first hand that things are NOT getting better; I just don’t count anymore in the numbers being reported!

When the US government puts out numbers regarding the unemployed, they are only looking at new claims filed. They do not report the current existing claims. If they did then they would probably be in really deep water. They love to report that the jobless rate is falling and even went so far to say that it fell from 9.1 percent to just 8.3 percent. It’s a lie……

US jobs report jan 2012

US jobs report jan 2012

Again, I am currently one of those many unemployed folks. I have my resume posted on every website out there and I receive “job offers” that aren’t worth a damn or from reputable companies. Bank of America has head hunters (employment agencies) out there scouting hard for them right now. I’ve received several calls but I refuse to work for Bank of America; it may be a “job” but I’m sorry I am not selling my soul to the devil. Besides, I am involved in a class action lawsuit against them and there would be a conflict of interests.

So as one of the millions of the unemployed in the US I will tell you the truth. The US government only measures NEW unemployment claims for the statistics; they don’t care about reporting on those of us that have been collecting unemployment for six months. When you read their “statistics” make sure you do so with a big grain of salt!

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