Bloomberg Dines With Goldman While Occupy Wall Street Protestors Are Arrested

Once again we have a public official hobnobbing with the 1% and kicking the rest of us 99% to the curb!

March 21, 2012
Wall Street Journal and Black Listed News

MarketWatch columnist David Weidner stops by Mean Street and takes issue with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dining with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein while Occupy Wall Street protesters were being arrested. Just a few days Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith resigned by publishing scathing op-ed in the New York Times that highlighted of the lawlessness and corrupt that is rampant among Wall Street banks. Soon after Occupy Wall Street protestors marked there 6 month anniversary in Zuccotti park with a peaceful protest which turned into another mêlée of unnecessarily police brutality when the order was given to shut the protest down. We come to find that while woman were having their constitutional rights violent during in a string of violent police arrests NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg was dining with Goldman Sachs’ CEO. In this video MarketWatch columnist David Weidner blast Bloomberg over the incident.


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