Alex Jones – New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Here it is folks, the new Alex Jones documentary “New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen”. I watched this and I have to be honest….. It sent chills through my bones. I want so much more for my children than what I see coming for them. I don’t want them eating GMO food that’s going to cause them to become sterile, I don’t want them growing up thinking it’s normal to live in fear, I don’t want them looking up at the sky thinking it’s ok to see all the drones and chemical clouds overhead. I don’t want my children being forced in to a FEMA death camp, poked with poison needles, raped or forced in to slave labor.

I want my kids and my grand kids to be able to own a home, eat food that’s safe, be able to see a clear blue sky and breathe fresh air. I want them to know that an honest days work means an honest days pay as well. I want them to be able to get married and have kids and to simply enjoy their lives, free from terror and tyranny. Free of the false flag so called “terrorist attacks”, the cancer causing scanners and the “hand down your pants” forcible molestation of the TSA.

Alex, great job on this film and to everyone that views this i implore you to become a member of They are doing a free 15 day trial right now and when you become a member you gain access to all of Alex Jones video’s, the daily news as well as the nightly news and special reports. It’s well worth it!

Watch the video:

Alex Jones – New World Order Blueprint of Madmen – MP4 download

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