“I Won’t Pay Movement” Spreading Across Europe

I watched the video for this a few days ago and it got me thinking. The gas consumption of the US is down right now but we see gas prices still going up. The prices are obviously not being based on supply and demand and more people in the US are using public transportation these days.

Phoenix just announced they will be cutting more bus routes in the next six months. So we have more people than ever depending on public transportation yet they want to cut routes (which in turn means job cuts as well) and the prices go up almost every year as well. It just doesn’t make any sense!

Kurt Nimmo
February 22, 2012

Leftists shine when it comes to direct action. And that’s what they are doing in Greece and elsewhere in Europe in response to bankster imposed austerity measures – direct action at the point of highway robbery.

In the above video, we see students and unemployed workers shutting down public transportation toll collection. It’s called the “I Won’t Pay” movement. It began last year in Greece and has spread to other locales on the continent, including Spain and Sweden.

Thousands of Greeks are now refusing to validate their public transit tickets following well-publicized protests by leftists and communists in response to ticket price hikes by the government.

Some believe this sort of civil disobedience is ineffective and merely theatrical, but it is a good way for people to make a point – they are opposed to the state acting as an enforcer for the IMF, the World Bank and the international bankers.

Maybe Texans outraged by the Trans Texas Corridor and proposed toll roads should think about following the lead of Greek leftists.


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