ACTA Will End the Internet As We Know It

The main stream media is giving the public bits and pieces of what the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is about but it’s being done so in a way that simply makes no sense. It’s high time sense was made of it so you, the American people, are educated about what it is and how it will ultimately affect you and your experiences online.

ACTA is a “planned plurilateral trade agreement between 38 nations. According to the participants the aim is to reduce more efficiently the alleged rise of product piracy. Every single negotiation round was held secretly without access for the public or even members of the European Parliament (EP), but industrial lobbyists, like members of the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) had access to the agreement drafts. Such methods are not compatible with democratic standards and are leading towards corruption in the global society.”Stop ACTA

So what does this mean in plain English? Today many companies see online file sharing of their programs, music, software and whatever else as a “loss”. ACTA is basically an agreement between the participating countries to go after anyone found to be sharing materials illegally and prosecute them. It’s a “promise”, if you will, to stop illegal file sharing but there’s more to it than that.

“ACTA is an agreement which was negotiated behind the back of the public and should be decided regardless of a sustainable development of the society, civil rights and required democratic processes. Apparently this agreement has the target to introduce extreme changes of principles on a global level, without participation of the international community or even the concerned citizen of the participating nations.”

These closed door negotiations that include nothing of the US democratic process should be considered ILLEGAL. Where PIPA and SOPA failed, ACTA has a much better chance of succeeding because it completely cuts off the people and relies solely on the “government” to make the decisions.

Unfortunately when this door is opened it will also open the flood gates of internet monitoring. How else do you think the powers that be would find people sharing things on the internet? The NSA (National Security Agency) is already monitoring more material each day than what comprises the Library of Congress! They monitor social media sites as well as emails, texts and phone calls. ACTA is simply going to give the US government enogh power to make their internet monitoring total and complete.

So you may still be asking yourself, “How will this affect me?” Right now you use a search engine to find things online. We’ll use Yahoo as an example. So let’s say I wanted to find out the name of a song I saw in a commercial on TV. I go to Yahoo, type in the car manufacturers name and maybe the type of car along with “car commercial” and then click “Search”.  Right now you will most likely see a TON of search results. Some may contain the car commercial video itself, some may contain lyrics to the song, others may contain clips of the song or the full song itself.

ACTA will stop these types of search results. Back in my day we used the library and books for research but today my daughter uses the internet for damn near everything school related. She just did a report which entailed she write a “journal” as an Irish immigrant. I am part Irish so we used the internet to research our family name and family crest. We were able to get the family crest to include in her report. ACTA will stop this type of activity.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? The way in which the internet is used today will change (for the worse) forever. No more pictures, videos or music. You’ll be lucky if you can find even a written article. The age of technology and information that we live in now is about to end.

Research resource

You can take action by signing this petition today. I would like to say this though; petitions and our words will most likely not be enough.

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