You Tube Caught Deleting Thousands Of Subscribers

Google has already begun manipulating their search engine results to “filter out” what they don’t believe people need to see. They have issued a new “privacy policy” which you can view HERE if you aren’t familiar with it. Reviewing their new policy, it would seem they want to know as much about you, your phone, your computer and your internet usage as possible. Now, they are deleting You Tube subscriber accounts.

If you know anything about Alex Jones then you know Google has basically black balled him and refuses to show any search results which contain anything by him, infowars or prison planet. Now, they are deleting his You Tube channels subscribers as well. I checked my account and I am still subscribed, THANK GOD!

Alex woke up angry this morning at the fact that You Tube had arbitrarily deleted thousands of subscribers to the Alex Jones Channel. Not only that, reports are pouring in of subscribers to the channel not receiving the videos. Yet more evidence of the fact that Google-owned You Tube is gradually silencing voices of dissent on its platform.

The standard response of “well just don’t use You Tube then” isn’t very helpful when you consider the fact that You Tube is where the world watches video content. They have made everyone dependent on them and are now pulling the plug on dissident content that doesn’t toe the establishment line, while promoting corporate crud and mindless videos about make-up techniques, cats playing pianos and people falling over.


Alex Jones was pretty pissed after he found he’d lost a lot of subscribers. There were some comments saying Google was deleting inactive accounts but I think that’s a bunch of bunk.

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