Anonymous: CIA Cybernetic Sleepy Hollow

I guess there’s a part of me that would like to believe that Anonymous is really a group of kids, hiding out in underground rooms, seeing by the glow of bare light bulbs and taking down the disgusting elite in this country, but not it seems they may be the dirty work OF the elite.  No, say it ain’t so!

Essential Intelligence
February 17, 2012

The ‘Anonymous’ operation – which isn’t likely to represent a real movement but rather a ‘no-flag’ operation played by the Banksters against the free Internet – seems to be escalating its position on the globalist world theater of destabilization with actual acts of sabotage. What are its real motives ?


Anonymous displays all the telltale signs of a very typical no-flag operation, branded around the very notion of not having any specific identity and not waving any flag at all.

This way the ruling elite, collectively named ‘Illuminati’, portray themselves as victims, albeit indirectly since they “are being threatened”.

This is ultimately an excuse for ‘plugging the holes’ of the Internet thus muting it, killing the competition and silencing the opposition.

Anonymous is the Banksters’ excuse to subvert the aforementioned Internet. Luckily, the Internet cannot any more be “shutdown” the way it could be till a few years ago, thanks to the advent of Cloud active-sharing platforms, starting with the likes of ‘Dropbox’ & ‘iCloud’ and maturing towards Implementing Cloud Computing in Federal Agencies.

See:Cloud computing solutions might improve the overall security of government software

Thus the global cybernetic village can tackle the non-flagged Anonymous operation, just like the people of Sleepy Hollow confronted the headless horsemen in Washington Irving’s classic story.

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