FDA’s New Grab for Power: The Human Body Is A Drug and They Want To Regulate YOU!

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) who thinks foods NOT produced with toxins are BAD for you, has now decided they own and control STEM CELLS; these are a natural part of the human body so in essence, they OWN YOU and can now regulate your body just like any other drug on the market.

The FDA asserts in a court document that it has the right to regulate the Centeno-Schultz Clinic for two reasons:

  1. Stem cells are drugs and therefore fall within their jurisdiction. (The clinic argues that stem cell therapy is the practice of medicine and is therefore not within the FDA’s jurisdiction!)
  2. The clinic is engaging in interstate commerce and is therefore subject to FDA regulation because any part of the machine or procedure that originates outside Colorado becomes interstate commerce once it enters the state. Moreover, interstate commerce is substantially affected because individuals traveling to Colorado to have the Regenexx procedure would “depress the market for out-of-state drugs that are approved by FDA.”


You can read the court document HERE and I personally have to say that this is an OUTRAGE. When did my body not become my personal property? When did it become ok, once I left the military, for the US government to take my body and donate it to science, while I am STILL ALIVE??

So, does this mean that you need to be worried every time you go to the doctor or hospital? Will doctors begin using routine medical procedures as a ruse to get your stem cells?

  1. FDA declares human body a drug, they are regulating YOU!

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