Drug war hypocrisy: drug trafficking’s big money benefits Big Brother and corrupt banksters

I have been saying it for YEARS; the feds have their hand in the drug trafficking industry and they are making money hand over fist. I’ll be the first to admit, I used drugs when I was younger; no lie. I’ve known people that were drug dealers and meth makers….. This is my take on the governments dealings in the illegal drug trade.

The war on drugs my ass!

The US government WANTS you addicted to drugs!

1. They keep drugs illegal because they have NO WAY to make a profit from legalizing them. If they made pot legal tomorrow, there would be no government industry or agency that could “regulate” it because there are simply too many people growing it. So in order to keep making money, they keep drugs illegal.

2. It’s been PROVEN that the DEA is helping the Mexican drug cartels get drugs in to the US. They allow certain vehicles to pass through checkpoints and then wait for the drugs to be dropped; they are privy to where they will be dropped.

3. They then follow the drugs to the dealers, making sure they are delivered and then begin to be distributed. The dealers get the drugs to their field soldiers who then begin selling on the streets. Here’s where they begin making the money.

4. The smaller dealers get busted. The drugs are confiscated along with any cash they may have. In order to make sure things are going as planned, the police try to “flip” the smaller level street corner dealer to verify their supplier is on “the list” of government paid dealers. If not, then it becomes time to take out the competition. If the dealer isn’t on the approved list, they are busted and all their drugs, cash and property are confiscated and the property is sold at auction. That money is put in to the pocket of the government.

5. IF the dealers connection is on “the list” they are probably released quickly so they can get back to doing what they do best. Their real job is to get people hooked and keep them hooked. It’s a two fold system whereby the government has its hands in all of the pockets that they can. Get people hooked, bust the users and get money out of them in fines becasue they are an addict and jails will eventually become a revolving door.

6. So now you have addicts in and out of jail, possibly paying fines which = money in the governments pocket. You have the government taking out the competition in order to keep their drug sales profits coming in from all ends (busts and sales) and now introduce the big drug companies. Someone has to try to “help” the addicts right? So now, let’s get them started in treatment centers where they can be given new drugs to “help” them quit using the illegal drugs.

It’s all nothing but a system put in place and run by the US government. They want Americans to be dumbed down by drug addiction, or they want them hooked on prescription drugs which are supposed to “help” them. They have the growers, distributors and the dealers all in their pockets and on their “list”.

Moving on to the meat and potatoes of this article….

PF Louis
Natural News
February 1, 2012

The hypocrisy of the war on drugs is outrageous when compared to the amount of drug trafficking that benefits the CIA and international banking system. The son of a convicted notorious mobster, John Gotti Jr, when asked in court if the family still dealt drugs cracked, “No, we can’t compete with the government.”

Today in Afghanistan, American troops have been seen guarding poppy fields used to make heroin. Those fields were all but wiped out by 2001 when the Taliban destroyed them and forbade that agricultural pursuit. Now they’re flourishing again after the American occupation.

This doesn’t make sense despite all the mainstream reports that American troops are protecting the poppy farmers from the bad guys. Internet sites such as Prison Planet, Info Wars, The Political Coffeehouse and others report otherwise. They connect the CIA and US military to restarting the poppy fields in Afghanistan in 2002, increasing poppy growth by over 650 percent. Who’s telling it like it is?

One way the CIA keeps their drug trafficking hidden from public view

The CIA’s secret operations to influence journalism started in the 1950s by infiltrating the media and bribing journalists to be operatives and assets for the CIA. By 1976, then CIA director William Colby reportedly bragged that the CIA owned the press. Supposedly, this too secret to name operation was coined “Operation Mockingbird” by Deborah Davis in her book Katherine the Great.

Operation Mockingbird worked well against prize winning journalist Gary Webb when his newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, ran his in depth series on CIA drug trafficking that flooded the USA to help finance the CIA backed Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980s.

Journalists all over the USA jumped on the series, claiming Webb’s journalism was shoddy. The newspaper had to recant and fire him, and Gary Webb was black listed from mainstream journalism completely.



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