Keystone to be attached to another US highway bill

The Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline was not approved by President Obama, citing lack of time to review an alternate route within the 60-day window for action set by Congress. Now, Republican lawmakers will try to force the Obama administration to approve the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline by attaching it to a highway bill that Congress will consider next month.

This is another prime example of our “leaders” and “lawmakers” abusing our system of checks and balances. If at first you don’t succeed then attach it to something else that WILL get signed and maybe it will go through. This is a trend that’s been taking on popularity but is deceitful and underhanded.

“If (Keystone) is not enacted before we take up the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, it will be part of it,” Boehner said on ABC’s “This Week” news program.


What I am wondering is the WHY; why are all these politicians looking to get this pipeline built in the first place? It can’t be for the good of anyone so what are they going to gain from it? I think it’s time to start following the money again here and see where it leads.

God forbid they get this monstrosity built but what happens if there is a massive earthquake? Pipes burst, buckle and fail ALL THE TIME. Who’s going to be left holding the bag on a disaster of this magnitude? Who would be footing the bill for the cleanup, the lost lives, the lost jobs, land, livestock, crops, homes and land?

We need to know the WHY…..

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