Some Say “Digital Locker” I Say Welcome To The Cloud; Release Megaupload!

So…. You may, or may not, be hearing about something “computer geeks” or “tech’s” are calling The Cloud. The Cloud is supposed to be able to allow us to access anything from anywhere; that’s pretty much the jist of it anyway. With the advent of digital online media storage,  you are able to access uploaded files from anywhere. Hence, they work a bit like The Cloud, or at least in partial principle with it.

Let’s say you’ve been working on a big presentation for work at home. You’ve got your spread sheets and your power points all ready to go but how do you now get all that information to your place of work? The answer is simple; you upload it somewhere online and then you can access it from anywhere. Pretty cool right?

With the shutdown of, we are initially seeing an issue with such online storage sites. Granted, not everyone will use online storage for completely legitimate purposes but how does that make the company that’s offering the storage SPACE responsible? That’s like saying since AT&T provides cellular service, if ONE individual gets caught making prank calls, then AT&T has to shut down it’s entire cellular network; it’s bunk!

I routinely make use of online storage sites. As a DJ, working with various cheer organizations around Arizona, I use them to allow my clients to “preview” their mixes as well as to store mixes I have made available for sale on. The files are simply too big to attach to an email so how else are people going to be able to listen? I use my accounts responsibly. However, if something happened to my space providers, due to others abusing the system, where would I be?

Megaupload - Digital storage

I’d have to find another hosting service and I’d have to update every link I have put on on the internet as well. Talk about a time consuming hassle that I don’t need! So I say this to the FBI: Megaupload wasn’t the “pirate”, it was those that abused their systems. Go after the abusers, not the company!

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