Newt Gingrich Cancels Appearance At South Carolina Primary

Apparently the interview that Gingrich’s ex-wife Marianne Gingrich gave to the  Washington Post has upset his campaign enough to get him to remove the South Carolina Primary! It was simply incredible to watch CNN Anchor John King asked him about his ex-wife’s claims statements regarding his infidelity and his supposed request to have “an open marriage” in the CNN hosted debate in South Carolina on Thursday. I couldn’t stop laughing as Newt’s neck began to swell and his face got red. Here’s a clip:

Newt decided to not show his egg covered face at the South Caroline primaries. His publicists swear that this campaign is still going strong but after this, who really knows. I thought it was funny when I came across a link to this this poll on yesterday (it looks like that have since removed it).

  1. NBC has an online poll which poses the question: Should a candidate’s private life be open for scrutiny? I cast my vote and as of Friday the polls were as follow:

77.9% voted YES. If a candidate doesn’t act morally in private, how can we have any expectations of ethical behavior in the White House?

16.9% voted NO. If we discount every politician with personal failings, we’d have nobody left to run this nation.

5.1% voted IRRELEVANT. I take Gingrich at his word. If he says these allegations are baseless, the point is moot.

In a poll like this, we can see where we, as a nation, start to have a complete disconnect with reality. Why shouldn’t our public officials be held to the same standards they are imposing upon the rest of us? Gingrich is a man that has done nothing but preach family values when in all reality, the man has no morals and quite honestly is just disgusting. His ex-wife has nothing to gain financially or personally by saying he asked her for an open marriage or to say he was cheating on her. Gingrich has everything to LOSE so he obviously isn’t going to admit the truth.

Honestly, it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me if these candidates came out and SPOKE the truth right away, and if they weren’t a bunch of damn hypocrites. Newt, where were the family values you preached about when you cheated on your wives? “Do as I say not as I do” is the mentality in Washington but these people should be above reproach; just admit your faults and maybe we can move on from there. Don’t make the press have to dig up your dirty little secrets!

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