Mitt Romney: The Book of Dirty Little Secrets

It’s fabulous, just fabulous! We can all thank Senator McCain’s prior Presidential campaign for this wonderful little “book of Romney secrets”! I just got my hands on a copy and I have uploaded a copy to make it available to all of you. This contains the TRUTH about Mitt Romney and everyone that even considered supporting him need to read this. Please, share this with everyone you know! Put a link on your Facebook page, add it to Twitter, post it everywhere! In this document you will find:

Vote Romney if you want TYRANNY!

Vote Romney if you want TYRANNY!


Biographical information to include: his date of marriage, his family information, his accident in France, his appointment as vice president of Bain and Co, his failed runs at Senate, his lie about not desiring to run for Governor of Massachusetts and then running and winning, and his use of illegal immigrants for yard work.

Romney’s Views on social issues to include: abortion (flip-flopping), gay rights (oh my God, he supports equality, but not marriage), gun control (he hates us having guns), economic issues (spend until your bankrupt and then just keep raising taxes to make everyone else pay), foreign policy (Bain and Co had their hands in contracting work over in the Middle East, which we destroyed and then offered to rebuild = DIRTY MONEY), domestic policy (he has publicly supported Senator McCain and anyone who supports McCain is either spineless or really wants to see total tyranny in the US), environment and energy (pushes the fake global warming idea so as to perpetuate a state of fear and to help corporations profit from that fear)… That’s just the tip of the iceberg folks.

I’ve made the file available at and I plan to do separate posts on various issues. I beg you, please SHARE THIS. Mitt (Mittens) Romney needs to be called out and seen for what he really is; a fear monger that supports illegal aliens, hates us having guns and wants to continue perpetuating the police state in the United States.


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