Main Stream Media Attacking Ron Paul Yet Again

Well, they are at it again; main stream media is saying Ron Paul has his facts wrong. The Associated Press is reporting this morning that they “fact checked” what Dr. Paul regarding his claims about the pre-Medicare and Medicaid days.

“I had the privilege of practicing medicine in the early ’60s, before we had any government (health care). It worked rather well, and there was nobody on the street suffering with no medical care. But Medicare and Medicaid came in and it just expanded.” said Dr. Paul in the latest Republican debate.

Now, the AP is saying that before Medicare and Medicaid came about back in the mid 1960’s only half of the elderly had their own insurance and the cost of that insurance was on the rise making it to costly for them to afford. They also state that doctors providing care free of charge still came with a cost.

Ron Paul 2012

Well duh! What do you think hospitals do today? The majority of people they are seeing these days don’t have health insurance, not to mention the number of mentally ill showing up in the emergency room is on the rise. The hospitals are treating these people at a loss as well but they make up for that by over charging for everything they provide from tissues to aspirin. They then turn around and bill the health insurance companies of those patients that actually DO have insurance, and they pad the bill.

My partner was hospitalized with a tumor about a year and a half ago; thank God we had insurance but we still owe the hospital about $10,000. The bill that was originally printed came to just over $100,000 and that was for a four day stay and the removal of the tumor.

There’s no easy answer here. At least Dr. Paul had the experience of both being a practicing physician and he has the ability to compare the before and after of the public healthcare system. The fact here is really that hospitals overcharge for their services to compensate for all of those they treat that have no way to pay. Most hospitals operate at a loss each year. Maybe instead of contributing millions to political campaigns, the big bankers could turn that money over to the hospitals to help society instead of themselves. Go fact check that AP!

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