Analysis: Banks overwhelmingly support Romney

Well, for big banks in America it’s time to throw the money their customers entrusted them with at the politician that will continue to back their dirty dealings.

You know, I remember being a child when banking was explained to me. My grandparents explained how you open an account and the bank actually PAYS YOU to keep your money. It was called interest and I don’t know when banks stopped paying it but the fact of the matter is, now when you open an account you are the slave of the bank. They will CHARGE YOU fee’s to handle your money!

Andrew Dunn
Charlotte Observer
January 15, 2012

The country’s biggest banks are overwhelmingly supporting Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, an Observer analysis of federal campaign contributions shows.

Employees at the five largest U.S. banks by assets, including Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co., gave Romney about $600,000 through the first three quarters of 2011, according to the most recent filings available from the Federal Election Commission.

The second-largest recipient of bank employee contributions, President Barack Obama, had far less, about $200,000, the analysis showed. The Republican presidential hopeful with the second-highest total, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, dropped out of the race in mid-August.

Romney received more from employees of those top five banks than all the other candidates combined, helping make the former Massachusetts governor the best-financed candidate in the Republican nomination battle, which is heating up in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary.

follow the money

Follow the money and you will find the dirty US politics

Well….. I don’t see Ron Paul’s name on this list so we now know for CERTAIN that his hand isn’t in the cookie jar. If you’d like to do a little more research and follow the money, I’d encourage you to have a look at The National Institute on Money in State Politics. See where your senators, congressmen and governors are getting their $$$ from.

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