My Letter To Sheriff Joe, “The Toughest Sheriff In America”

You’ve probably heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the media at some point. The feds hate him but Arizona loves him. He serves green bologna, makes inmates wear pink drawers, has chain gangs and then there’s his “Tent City”. It is all designed to make people think twice about committing crime in Arizona and it’s got the nations attention time and time again.

So, I decided to write to “the toughest sheriff in America”. He and his men need to stand up and speak out AGAINST the damn NDAA and all it stands for. Here’s my letter…

Dear Sheriff Arpaio,

I am not only writing to you as an Arizona resident but also as an American citizen, and a concerned one at that sir. I know you are “the toughest sheriff in America” and I have some serious concerns about what may be coming.

History shows that the federal government doesn’t like you very much but the residents of Arizona keep re-electing you. With the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as a veteran, as a parent and as a citizen I have to tell you that I am fearful of what is coming.

If, for some God forsaken reason the US military comes to Arizona with order to conduct warrantless home to home searches or to begin detaining American citizens with no charge or trial, or if FEMA decides to activate its camps, what do you plan to do?

Are you and your troops going to fight against the certain tyranny that is coming or will you follow suite and simply “follow orders”? Sir, I beg you; I plead you to please be ready because it is coming. Our President has declared war on the American people by signing the NDAA in to law.

As a former member of our armed forces I took an oath and I still stand behind that oath; I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I don’t have guns or anything but I will do whatever I have to in order to defend my young children.

If it is at all possible I would like to meet with you to discuss this issue sir.  Please Sheriff Arpaio, don’t let Arizona down sir. Defend us against what is coming and God speed.

I really hope to hear back from him and I PRAY he does the right thing and stands against the NDAA and the tyranny that is surely coming. GO JOE!!!!

Sheriff Joe - The TOUGHEST Sheriff In America

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