My Letter to Senator McCain

I was in the shower this morning when it hit me. I’d read that Arizona State Senator John McCain (the old, out of touch fart that he is) had co-sponsored the Protect IP Act (PIPA). I thought about what I do that utilizes the internet and I have also worked for an ISP in the past. I HAVE QUALIFICATIONS! SO here’s what I wrote…

Dear Senator McCain,

I am writing to you regarding the Protect IP Act (PIPA) which you co-sponsored. As an avid user of the internet, an internet DJ providing free online shows and donating mixes to local cheer leading organizations, a web hosting reseller, blogger, Youtube user, and a computer repair specialist, I have some questions regarding your involvement in this bill sir.

I’ve given you my qualifications, what are yours? How many hours a day do you spend online? How many Youtube video’s have you posted or watched for that matter? How many web sites have you set up? How many live internet performances have you done?

My point here is this; you have NOTHING which qualifies you to have anything to do with the internet sir. Honestly, in my opinion, you are one of the biggest problems with the government of this country. You are much older, completely out of touch with the youth in this country and even more out of touch with what the taxpaying American citizens want.

This bill is nothing more than yet another attempt for our government to gain total control of the American people. You also voted in favor of the NDAA which is a whole different bag of muck sir. I’d like to remind you that the state of Arizona is one that actually has the ability to recall its Senators. Maybe it’s time you start taking what the PEOPLE want in to consideration instead of what you want sir.


I am very interested in what he will have to say back but you know, it will probably be one of those wonderful canned answer letters I always get back. I write to Senator McCain quite frequently and believe it or not, I usually get a letter of response in the mail. If you would like to contact him regarding his involvement with PIPA or his YES vote on the NDAA go to his contact form.

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