Caught on Video: L.A. Deputy Punches Special-Needs Woman in Face

Kim Baldonado
NBC 4 Southern California
January 11, 2012

“The lady got on the bus with a stroller full of pillows, she was very polite, said hello to everyone and sat down,” Green said.

At the next stop, two LA County sheriff’s deputies, one male and one female, boarded the bus and called the passenger by name.

“They said get off the bus. She then started cursing at (the female deputy). You could tell she had special needs. After that they grab her, she curses him out, calls him a big shot, next thing you know he gives her a big shot,” Green said.

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This is just disgusting folks. This woman was minding her own business and these cops, who apparently knew her, decided to beat her down and drag her of the bus. This is a complete abuse of power and as far as I am concerned this woman had every right to be upset and to resist.

It’s an unfortunate thing that we have so many people that are mentally unstable wandering our streets. They are on the streets because no one wants to HELP THEM. The system has failed once again and now our hospitals are being overrun with mental disability cases and as we can see here… These cops clearly have NO training in how to deal with someone with a mental disability.  Watch the video and you be the judge.

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