DHS Checkpoints: Illegal Searches and Detainment That Violate Your Rights

If you’ve ever been down to Mexico or up to Canada then you’re familiar with the border check points. Back when I was in the military me and my buddies used to go up to Canada and we would be  stopped at the border, show our ID’s and be on our way; nothing to it. They may stop suspicious looking vehicles to give them a more thorough inspection which was always pretty normal too.

What’s not normal are the checkpoints springing up all across the US. The Department of Homeland Security wants us to believe these checkpoints are for our “safety”; they want us to become accustomed to being randomly stopped in our vehicles and searched. Are we in Natzi Germany? “Show me your papers” is the new attitude and the American people are slowly being desensitized to it.

So where are these checkpoints? Well that’s a good question. Here’s what I’ve been able to find so far:

Permanent checkpoints:


San Clemente – located 7 miles south of San Clemente on Interstate 5.

Temecula – located 24 miles north of Escondido on Interstate 15.

I-8 West – located 3 miles east of Pine Valley on Interstate 8.

Highway 94 – located 24 miles east of San Diego on California State Route 94.

Highway 78/86 – located just south of the intersection of California State Routes 78 and 86 on northbound side.

Highway 111 – located between Niland and Bombay Beach.


I-8 East – located 15 miles east of Yuma on Interstate 8.

I-19 heading North from Nogales, just north of Tubac.

I-10 Heading West from Phoenix, just east of Blythe, California

Hwy 90 heading north from Whetstone to Benson.

Hwy 80 heading north from Tombstone to Benson.

Arizona State Route 86 Mile Marker 146

New Mexico:

I-10 West – located 22 miles west of Las Cruces on Interstate 10.

Truth or Consequences – located 11 miles south of Truth or Consequences on Interstate 25.

US 70 East – located of 50 miles east of Las Cruces on U.S. Route 70.

Alamagordo – located 30 miles south of Alamagordo on US Route 54.


Sierra Blanca – located 5 miles west of Sierra Blanca on Interstate 10.

Eagle Pass – located 11 miles east of Eagle Pass on U.S. Route 57.

Eagle Pass/Carrizo Springs – located 30 miles West Southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas on U.S. Route 277.

Bracketville/Uvalde – located 60 miles east of Del Rio, Texas on Highway 90.

Laredo – located 29 miles north of Laredo on Interstate 35.

Laredo 83 – located 35 miles north of Laredo on Highway 83.

Freer – located 16 miles west of Freer on U.S. Route 59.

Oilton – located 6 miles east of Oilton on Highway 359.

Falfurias – located 14 miles south of Falfurrias on U.S. Highway 281.

Sarita – located 14 miles south of Sarita on U.S. Route 77.

Hebbronville – located 1 mile south of Hebbronville on TX 16 S

Hebbronville – located 50 yards south on FM 1017 at “T” intersection of Highway 285.

Alpine – located 10 miles south of Alpine on U.S. Route 118.

The majority of this list came from Wikipedia. I tried searching the DHS website to see if they had a list of their own but that was next to impossible. I emailed Kerry Rogers of the DHS to see if they have a list available. I guess we’ll see if I get any response.

Here are some video’s which document what happens at some of these “show me your papers” checkpoints.

  1. del rio check point on 90 will be a large complex soon on 90 going to van horn,the check point on 90 north of alpine will be added on also,sierra blanca i see those fools once a week, its a pain

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