National ID: the Governments Catalog of Citizens and Terrorists

It’s been pushed and forced down our throats; the national ID card. The idea originated with the Bush administration back in 2002 as a knee jerk response to the 911 attacks but under the iron fist of former Arizona State governor Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security, it’s no longer just an idea; it’s now THE LAW.

Department of Safety and Homeland Security Issues nearly 9,500 Photo IDs for Voting Purposes since July 1st

Jan 5, 2012

Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security today announced that 9,492 photo IDs had been issued for voting purposes from July 1st through December 31st, 2011.

Effective January 1st, 2012, a new state law requires citizens to present a federal or state-issued photo ID to vote at the polls. The law also requires the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to issue photo IDs for voting purposes at no charge.

Now, I can fully understand need to show ID when you vote. It’s to (hopefully) lower voter fraud and keep people from using the identity of a dead person to cast a false vote. The problem here is that the DHS is rolling this out and trying to make it look as if it’s a STATE mandated program and not a federal program; smoke and mirrors once again.

SO they want to spy on our kids at home, they want us to all carry national ID cards, they draw our blood and add our DNA to a national database, they are installing cameras on every street corner, we have secretly planted tracking devices on our cards oh, and did I forget to mention that those national ID cards will also be equipped with micro chips to track you? Yep, that’s right!

So they want to be able to track your every move. They want to how much money you make, what you spend it on, where you go, what movies you see, what websites you visit, when you wipe you a$$…… They want EVERYTHING so they can maintain total control of our lives and our minds. Folks, this is reality, this is where we are headed. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights? GONE! You might as well use them for toilet paper now because that’s how worthless they’ve become.

We The People need to take a stand against the tyranny and the injustice we are being forced to live under. It’s up to US to make ourselves heard and to take back control of the outlandish, overweight, overspending, bloated, out of control government we have today.

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