200 Million People Use Illicit Drugs, Study Finds

This goes right back to the previous post titled “DOJ: Drug Cartel’s Influence Extends Well Beyond Border Well Into the U.S.”  200 MILLION people using illegal drugs; that’s proof in the pudding that the governments operation to keep the American people dumbed down and incoherent!

…as many as 203 million people use marijuana, 56 million people use amphetamines including meth, 21 million people use cocaine and 21 million people use opioids like heroin.

This is an incredible racket that the US government has going. Keep the drug cartel’s in power in Mexico (fear mongering), keep the drugs flowing in to the US because we need to keep our addicts “fixed” and we need to create more addicts, keep busting the people selling the drugs so you can take back the money and the drugs, then re-distribute the drugs and pocket the money.

It doesn’t get any better than this! You realize that the US government can never legalize marijuana simply because they have no way to make any money off of it. I’m not saying that I support legalizing it BUT… The government knows there is absolutely no way, with the way things are now, that they could turn a profit on it. No profit = ILLEGAL.

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