What is the Homeland Security Advisory Council?

In my last post I included an article from Infowars.com and it mentioned the Homeland Security Advisory Council. You may be wondering what that even is so I wanted to go in to a little more detail. It’s important for the American people to WAKE UP. It’s vital to not only your survival but the survival of your children as well, for you to understand that the government isn’t here to help you. The government isn’t trying to make sure you and your family are going to be alright! It’s time to start looking at the facts…..

So the Homeland Security Advisory Council was created by executive order Executive Order 13260 on March 19, 2002. You can read the entire order HERE. Here’s a brief synopsis. This established yet another secret committee which will discuss how we American’s are a threat to the GOVERNMENT’S establishment of tyranny and corruption.

I would love to know when it became a crime to exercise our rights under our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It infuriates me to see the abuse of power from the White House on such a massive level. Today, our President just continues creating executive orders which erode away more and more of the rights our Founding Forefathers established for this country.

Something important to note: to date an incoming president arbitrarily just re-signs and extends ALL previous executive orders. The first version of Executive Order 13260  states “(b) The PHSAC, any SACs, and any SAC subcommittees shall terminate2 years from the date of this order unless extended by the President.”

If you vote for Ron Paul (this man is all about CHANGE!) hopefully this order will NOT continue to be extended.

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