Welcome to Stop the US Madness

I am just an average person, unemployed at the moment, that is sick to death of what I see happening around me. The banks are going to crush this country economically and politically if we, the tax payers, don’t stand up and do something.

As Americans we are used to living a life of consumption, excess, everything is disposable and we don’t even know our neighbors. We are so engrossed in our jobs, our families and our own lives that we don’t look up until there is a major disaster kicking in our front door.

The US is a country of consumption. We export next to nothing and we are completely dependent on the resources we TAKE from other countries. As an American I can see why so many other countries hate us. Forget being the world police, we are the world bullies; if we want your oil we’ll take it. We sit on our couches watching television, stuffing our faces full of crap and junk and we think it’s enough to simply have a job.

We’ve been raised this way though so we aren’t entirely to blame. Our educational system see’s to it that we are well trained once we get out in to the working force. We’re programmed to jump at the ring of a bell or whistle. Time is all that matters as we go through our day. We have a time to be up, time to eat, time to shower, time to be at work, time for break, time for lunch, time to go home. It’s all strictly regimented and it governs our lives. I apologize but I am getting ahead of myself so I must stop here.

This blog will consist of facts and details along with my own personal views and insight. If you take just one thing from my blog I would hope it would be that you just open your mind; allow yourself to explore outside of that box we all call our life….

  1. January 24th, 2012
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